The North Carolina Congress of Latino Organizations believes in the ability of immigrant and Latino leaders to be part of the solution to their own problems.

Relational organizing is the foundation of all of our work. Relational organizing requires developing relationships of trust among a diverse array of institutions and their leaders.


Relationships develop through face-to-face conversations in which we share stories about our experiences and concerns. This is done through institution-based leadership development; the building of relationships within and between institutions; the identification of and research on issues of mutual self-interest; and disciplined, organized action. This model of broad-based organizing has been developed by the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) over the last sixty years, and engages leaders in a cycle of organizing that incorporates:


  • identifying and developing leaders within and across member institutions;
  • building relationships among leaders of diverse backgrounds, both one-on-one (individual meetings), and in larger groups
  •  discerning the issues that motivate broad participation and can lead to successful action within each member organization
  •  engaging in strategic action around issues that have been identified, researched, and negotiated within and between member institutions
  • reflecting and evaluating during every step of the cycle to ensure that leaders deepen their understanding of their experience, and continue to improve their organizing skills