NCCLO welcomes and seeks new grassroots member congregations, community centers and other organizations that are ready to challenge their members in an effort to build new relationships, work and become leaders of NCCLO, and assume greater power and significance in the public arena of North Carolina. If your congregation or institution is interested in joining or learning more about the NC Congress of Latino Organizations, the staff would be happy to meet with you to present the process of participation. Call (919) 225-1673 for more information.

What Does an Institution get from NCCLO Membership?

Institutions get the opportunity to participate with other organizations in building regional cooperation and understanding between Latino immigrants and other communities.

NCCLO puts you and other leaders from member organizations in the position to lead the way toward a more united community, by building relationships across lines of geography, race, religion, etc. We do this by giving people the opportunity to work together on areas of interest such as housing, health care, education, and opportunities for youth.

Help from NCCLO staff to organize on specific local issues

Organizers will respond to specific requests for help in strategizing around a particular local issue, and will work with a group of leaders in your organization who are committed to following through on a collective strategy. Issues in the past have included crime, drug abuse, after school programs, abandonment, and housing.


Leadership training for people in your organization
Nationally recognized training from the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) and regular local leadership training are important components of our work, and are available to member organizations at a reduced fee.


Technical assistance on organizational development issues
Organizers work with the Strategy Team and participants of member organizations on customized strategic planning retreats, fundraising trainings, and board development training.