The North Carolina Congress of Latino Organizations (NCCLO) is formed by two interconnected structures that operate in a circular and non-hierarchical way. Each member organization has a seat on the Organizing Committee (OC).


The OC guides the strategy, programs, and public relations of the Congress. It also holds the decision-making responsibilities.The OC meets at least four times per year, assesses community strengths and needs, and adopts collective strategies to address community needs.


The OC appoints the Strategy Team to manage the fiscal, administrative and legal aspects of the organization. Each organization agrees to recruit grassroots leaders to take part in leadership development training. Grassroots leaders volunteer their time with their local groups to participate in regional coalition meetings and are the manpower of the coalition.


The two full-time organizers are accountable to both the Strategy Team and the Organizing Committee. They work closely with members of both to implement strategies to ensure that member organizations have access to:


1)  Capacity Building: Technical Assistance and support in developing their organization and leaders

2)  Training: Access to community organizing training sessions

3) Community Organizing: The opportunity to work with other organizations and leaders to address local community problems